Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen
Master Institute of Energy, Ministry of Industry and Trade

I have been working in environmental field of energy sector for about 21 years, with about 16 years working for the Institute of Energy, which is one of subsidiaries of Ministry of Industry and Trade in Vietnam. Now, I am a deputy manager of environmental and sustainable development Department of Institute of Energy. Institute of Energy is a Science and Technology Organization, a leading national research institution where the strategies, plans and national policies on power and energy are originated. The Institute carries out research on science and technology issues, development and application of many scientific themes, contributing to the strong development of Vietnam Energy sector. I am in charge of as an Advisor of Ministry of Industry and Trade on Strategic environmental assessment for National development Master Plans on energy, power, biomass, wind, solar, renewable energy, hydropower, and environmental impact assessment for thermal, hydro, renewable power plant projects and transmission lines and Transformer stations; as an environmental consultant and specialist for hydro, transmission line, thermal power plant projects in stages of investment preparation, technical design and project implementation including Environmental Assessments in compliance with regulations of Vietnam and International Financial Organisations and researching on air pollution and other environment issues in energy sector and climate change adaptive measures and mitigating GHG emissions caused by energy development; developing promotion for renewable energy and Energy Conservation and Efficiency. I am also a member of preparation group for National Plans on Energy, Power, Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation and Efficiency as well as participate in the assessment, inspection of these implementation processes.

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